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Singapore is a sovereign island in Southeast Asia. The total land area of Singapore is about 725.1 square kilometres. It's a small country compared to other countries. But their Economic strength is more stable than some large countries. It is one of the most developed countries in Asia. Their main income source is import and export goods like electronics, chemicals, financial services and etc. Singapore is a multi-ethnic, multicultural country and mainly there are Chinese, Malay and Indian people. The majority of the population is Chinese people, who migrated to Singapore. Singaporeans are very friendly and most of them know the English language. Singapore has the world best Airport. It is Changi Airport. Changi airport has won World best airport title 10 times. And they have one of the luxurious airlines in the world, Singapore airlines. Singapore is the best place for those who love shopping. Because they provide great relief to tourists by refusing to collect government taxes. Singapore currency is the Singapore dollar(S$). As a tourist, if you purchase any items more than 100 Singapore dollars (+GST) at “Tax-free” shop, you can claim a refund of 7% (GST) paid on your purchases. Goods and Services Tax is what means by GST. Before you are purchasing any item, you should first check whether the seller is participating in the Tourist Refund Scheme. They are displaying that in their shopping logo or any other notice board. When you are going to buy any items more than 100 Singapore dollar you can see the refundable payment in your bills separately. You can claim the GST refund from Changi Airport too.

Tourism is also the most important key to their Economy as the import and export. Singapore is a very attractive country, so most of the people love to travel to Singapore. You can get an amazing, unbelievable experience from there. You can’t spit on roads or anywhere in Singapore. It is an illegal work. Singapore has well-developed transportation system. It is Mass Rapid Transits. This system is the most popular transportation method among Tourists. You don’t need any travel guide or agent to travel in Singapore. You can easily travel everywhere by MRTs. 

Singapore is a very travel friendly country. There is a special bus service to the tourists, that is “Hop-OnHop-Off” bus service. Tourists can go to the travel sights directly by “Hop-on Hop-off” bus service. Singapore is one of the best countries to spend your vacation. There are a lot of places to visit in Singapore. You should visit these places and get an amazing experience there. Let’s talk about those places in order.                                   

1.   Gardens by the Bay

Cloud forest,Flower dome,Supertree,SIngapore,Gardens by the bay
The Garden by the Bay is a nature park. There is three waterfronts garden. You can simply visit there by MRT. Gardens by the Bay nature park has the largest glass greenhouse in the world. It is a Flower dome. A lot of rare flora and plants in there. There is another mysterious place in the Gardens by the Bay. It is Cloud forest. You can enjoy the greenery, natural environment with mists and amazing waterfalls in a glass indoor house. It is a crazy experience to visitors. I think they want to raise their lives with greenery and floral city. Thousands and thousands of tourists come to visit these Gardens daily. It is a very lovely place to walk with your partner. There is a laser light show happening on every night in Gardens by the Bay. It is the most interesting and colourful item in here. We will talk about that in the next topic.

2.   OCBC Skyway and Supertree Grove

This is located in the Gardens by the Bay nature park. These trees are artificial trees made from steel frames and concretes. They called “Supertrees” to these structures. They are in different sizes and heights. The skyway path has built by connecting two Supertrees. That path is 128 meters long walkway path. You can experience panoramic views of the Garden and Marina Bay by this OCBC Skyway. It's beautiful both at night and day. There is also a laser light night show in this Supertree Grove.

 3.   Marina Bay

Marina Bay is a bay situated in the Central Area of Singapore. The area is surrounding the bay is an extension to the Central business district in Singapore. You can see giant buildings surrounding Marina Bay. And it is also called New downtown in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is the famous iconic landmark building in there. It is a hotel. Let’s have more details on the next topic.

4.   Marina Bay Sands Singapore and Sands Sky Park

 Observation Deck Singapore

Marina Bay,Marina Bay Sands Hotel,SIngapore

Marina bay sands is the iconic landmark building in Singapore. It is one of the luxurious hotels in the world. The architectural significance is the most important thing in here. It is a 57 story hotel and it is built as three towers. But they are connected in-ground stories and Sky Park Deck in top of the hotel. Hotel is 55 stored and the Sky Park roof terrace is at the above 2 stories. Marina Bay Sands swimming pool is the highest swimming pool in the world and it is an infinity pool. The pool is on the 56th floor and it is an unbelievable experience that one can have.

        Sands Sky Park Observation Deck Singapore

Marina bay sands,Singapore,Marina bay,Sands sky park observation deck
Sands Sky Park Observation Deck
Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Observation deck is at the top of the Marina Bay Sands building. It is designed as an observation deck. You can have an unbelievable 360-degree view by Sky park observation deck. Here you can see Malaysia border too. There is a special counter in the Marina Bay Sands hotel to buy a pass to visit Sands Sky Park observation deck. In fact, it is an amazing experience. So don’t miss it.

5.   Singapore Flyer 

Singapore,Singapore flyer
Singapore Flyer
Singapore flyer is another popular destination among tourists. Though there are many more giant wheels around the world, Singapore Flyer is the best one among them because you can see a fantastic 360-degree view with Singapore harbour, Merlion, New Downtown, Malaysia and Gardens by the Bay. This is the largest Giant Observation Wheel in Asia. You can travel to Singapore Flyer by MRTs and all these top sights are located nearby to each other.

 6.   Sentosa Island Resort

Sentosa island,Sentosa resort park,universal studio,sentosa beach
Sentosa is an island in Singapore. Actually, it is not an island it is a paradise. Sentosa is connected to the mainland by road, a pedestrian walking path, cable cars and MRT. The easiest way to travel there is by MRT. But my advice is you should visit there by cable cars. If you use cable cars, you can see the whole island at once. It is a fantastic experience. There is Sentosa beach, Universal Studio, S.E.A Aquarium, Luxury hotels, Waterparks and lot of places to visit in Sentosa. The S.E.A Aquarium will be a great experience for children.

7.   Wings of Time

This is the night time show at Sentosa beach and it is a 30 minutes show with laser lights, 3D effects and water fountains. It is an eye-catching show. When you are going to buy tickets to visit Sentosa, You can choose the places you want to go to the beginning. Then you don’t need to pay for everything. I attached a YouTube video here that recorded by myself.


 8.   Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios in Singapore is another most famous place among tourists. It is a theme park located in Sentosa Island. This is the first and only Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia. There are a lot of things to do in Universal Studios like 28 rides, shows, amazing events and activities.

9.   Merlion

Merlion,Singapore,Merlion statue

Merlion is a statue in Merlion Park. It is not only a normal statue; it is the official mascot in Singapore. This is a famous landmark in Singapore. Merlion is a traditional, mythical animal among Singapore people. This park located near the Central business district. It's a perfect place to walk freely. There are walking paths, flower beds and beautiful views all around the park. This place is very beautiful at night. You can see this whole view from Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Observation Deck and Singapore flyer.

10. Singapore Zoo

This is also a popular place among tourists. You wouldn't think there is such a thing in Singapore. You can see a lot of buildings and roads everywhere in Singapore but here there is one of the world best rainforest zoos you can find. The zoo attracts around 1.7 million visitors annually. You can find every kind of animals in there. There are lots of programs and animal shows; Night safari and river safari are the popular things in here. In the zoo, there are some endangered animals in the world. You can see one of them here.


There are many more amazing places to visit in Singapore. I bought you the most attractive and famous sights here. I hope to talk about the other places in my next article about Singapore. 


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