Top 10 reasons why Sri Lanka is the best place for your holiday destination

The little island in the Indian ocean

Sri Lanka is a small, a beautiful island with different varieties of geological characteristics and a unique culture. This is the best place that a traveller can fulfil all of their buckets list wishes. If you are a traveller who loves hiking, Sri Lanka has beautiful hiking trails with extensive views of tea plantation and waterfalls; if you like to stay indoors and relax with the pool, Sri Lanka has a variety of world class luxury hotels all over the island with every facility you need and  if you are a traveller who loves the beach and surfing, there are many natural and attractive surf beaches.

With the end of the civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry developed rapidly and records 1.9 million tourist arrivals in 2019. The Best in Travel-2019 book by Lonely Planet voted Sri Lanka as the best country in the world to visit in 2019. In the BBC Food trend report, they mentioned the Sri Lankan food scene as the number 1 up and coming food trend in 2019. Also, Sri Lanka was voted as the Top emerging Asia travel destination for 2019 by the world’s top travel influencers and bloggers. These are very few recent achievements that Sri Lanka gains for her true beauty. So if you are planning to go somewhere, here are some reasons why you should pick Sri Lanka among destinations around the world.

1. Loving climate

Aberdeen waterfall,waterfall,Srilanka
Aberdeen Waterfall

As Sri Lanka is a tropical country, you can expect bright sunshine with a clear sky mostly throughout the year but with two monsoon seasons which affects different parts of the country different times. The central part of the country (Nuwaraeliya, Bandarawela) is cooler compared to coastal regions.



2. Wildlife and nature

lions,ridiyagama safari park,srilanka
Lions, Ridiyagama Safari Park
pahanthudawa ella,pahanthudawa,srilanka
Pahanthudawa Ella
Sri Lanka is considered as one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world which consists of tropical rain forests like Sinharaja, 26 national parks like Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park and two marine parks. These parks give you a lifetime experience of watching animals like leopards, sloth bear, mongoose, wild boar, elephants, tropical birds and many endemic species that you cannot see anywhere in this world. Yala National Park has the highest density of leopards in the world.

3. Sri Lankan food culture

Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the unique cuisines that flavoured with the wealth of spices. Sri Lankan meals consist of many colourful curries, for example, rice and curries like well-cooked lentils, chicken or fish curry, coconut sambal and vegetables on the side. Also don’t forget to try cheese kottu, hoppers, Sri Lankan crab curry, chicken biriyani and tropical fruits.

4. Asian elephants

Elephant,Yala National Park,Srilanka
Elephant, Yala National Park

Sri Lankan elephant is one of the subspecies of the Asian elephant and they are the most beautiful and pride species among all the elephants in the world. The wild elephant population in Sri Lanka is 2,100-3,000. You can see elephants especially in Yala, Udawala and Minneriya National Parks. In Minneriya you can see a large elephant gathering (around 400 elephants) during the months of May to September around the retreating banks of a 1,700 years old reservoir. This is the biggest gathering of these mammals you can see at one time in the whole world.    

5. Exciting natural beaches

Galle,jungle beach,natural beach,southern Srilanka
Jungle Beach, Galle

This island is surrounded by unpolluted beaches with extremely fine and powdery sand. In Sri Lanka, you can see the most attractive beaches that are listed in Asia. With the sunset Sri Lanka beaches look magical. Unawatuna beach is best for beach parties and Marble beach got nice sceneries.

6. Close up with whales and dolphins

The blue whale is the largest water mammal in the world and Sri Lanka is one of the best places to view both largest mammals on the ground and water at the same time period. In seas, off Kalpiya you can see five verities of wales including the blue whale and melon-headed whale. Not only whales but also you can enjoy seeing wonderful dolphins like spinner dolphin in Kalpiya seas. Trincomalee is also a good place to see both whales and dolphins. Apart from that, Sri Lanka offers plenty of cruising options, underwater diving and also snorkelling in Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Hikkaduwa. 

7. Magnificent monuments and Buddhist heritage

Samadhi Buddha statue,Anuradhapura,Srilanka
Samadi Buddha statue,Srilanka

Sri Padaya,Adams peak,sacred peak,Srilanka
Sri Padaya, Srilanka

Sri Lanka has a diverse and rich cultural history while Buddhism has played the main role in the country over centuries of years. Here you can see many ancient temples all over the country. The famous cultural triangle in Sri Lanka includes Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy as the major sites, depict ancient Sri Lanka’s culture and architectural advancements. Do not forget to visit Sigiriya and Sri Padaya (Butterfly Mountain).

8. Hike trails for adventure lovers

Kabaragala peak,Srilanka,Sunrise,Srilanka
Sunrise, Kabaragala peak

Hillsides of Sri Lanka are mostly covered with paddy fields and tea estates. In morning peacocks and dears are one of the charming sceneries you can see in those areas. The Demodara hike trail in Ella is the best hike trail for beginners through the famous Nine Arches Bridge and Kirigalpotta or Knuckles Mountain range are good for more experienced hikers. For your adventure, visit there between February and April as wet zones weather has dry.

9. Surfing destination

Surfing in Sri Lanka is one of the best experiences you can gain in your adventurous travel. Sri Lanka’s surf culture has been steadily growing while conducting international competitions like Red Bull Ride My Wave at Arugam Bay regularly. Some of the best surf beaches are Hikkaduwa beach, Mirissa beach, Weligama beach break and Kabalana.

 10. The uphill Tea States

tea states,tea,dolosbage,srilanka
Tea states, Dolosbage

I’m sure, Ceylon tea is the best tea you can taste in your entire life. Central hills of the country from Hatton to Nuwara Eliya, almost every high elevated cities in the country is covered with tea plantations. Sri Lanka is the 3rd best tea exporter in the world. Walking through a tea plantation up to the Ella rock is a mind-blowing experience.

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