Travel: Are you ready to travel after COVID-19 pandemic?

Tourism with COVID-19

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As we all know tourism is one of the fast-growing and a hug industry compared to all the other industries in the world. Some countries in our word really depend on this industry. Tourism places a huge role in their economies. But this industry usually shakes due to internal or external shocks that a country has to face. September 11 the attack in 2001, SARS in 2003 and the Global economic crisis in 2009 are some previous crises that massively impact on international tourism in different regions of the world. In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic created the same situation and due to that many countries and regions introduced travel restrictions. So, all most all the tourist destinations around the world had to close down. No one knows how long this pandemic last, what country or region that will affect it next or when all these things will come back to normal. However as like in the earlier cases tourism sector has the capacity to bounce back. The recovery of tourism does not completely depend on lifting the travel restrictions but the full recovery will happen when the people feel safe to live in their communities. Though many countries were able to successfully control the pandemic internally now, there are some countries that are still struggling with COVID-19. Therefore as tourists, we have to know the information regarding the situation before start travel around the world with COVID-19.

Safety measures while travelling

travel,around the world,travel after covid-19,tourism

Recently some countries took actions to release their barriers and some announced the dates that they are going to reopen the countries for tourism. So as tourists we have to follow the safety measures before we start travelling.

The very first thing that you have to do is get yourself tested for COVID-19 and ensure that you are not a career of the virus. Without the negative test report, you are not eligible to travel. If your test results came positive but now you recovered completely, still you are not eligible to travel. So make sure to have all the necessary documents needed to prove that you are not a host of this virus and to avoid the problems that will occur while travelling. If your health status is poor it is better to avoid travelling and if you are an elderly person it is best for you to wait until this pandemic fully fades away. A medical report that confirms you do not have any symptoms of this virus from the past two weeks, will add an additional advantage to get through easily. The next thing is you have to pack up everything that is essential to prevent from getting infected. Wearing a face mask is not a must but it depends on the country that you are travelling to. Some countries instructed to wear masks in public places. Apart from that you have to wear a pair of gloves, have an alcoholic hand sanitizer and do not forget barrier gestures and social distancing. Try to prevent from touching ATM and elevator buttons. For that, you can use something like toothpicks or safety pins. After using them do not forget to dispose of them correctly. If you are not wearing gloves use sanitizers regularly. For your safety try to avoid crowded places, do not touch public places or people and also do not use others belongings or do not give your belongings to others.

Best safe countries to travel after releasing barriers

During these pandemic months, safety ranking is changing significantly. In the beginning, countries which took quick actions to the situation ranked higher in the list of safest countries from COVID-19. But now the countries with highest resilient economies racked high. However, the rankings are fluctuating drastically. For now, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore are listed at the top positions of the countries by COVID-19 safety. However, from my point of view as a traveller, we should stay at home as much as possible. Travel anywhere if only it is really urgent.

Environment changes during the lockdown

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During these lockdown months, there was a huge reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. So the air quality in major cities around the world improved significantly and also the largest hole in the ozone layer over the Arctic region started healing. As people stayed at home due to travel restrictions, we found some wild animals in cities and also sea turtles came to beaches to lay eggs which they did not come before. From this pandemic, there were negative effects also. The disposal of non-degradable materials like plastic gloves, masks and medical wastes increased. It is not a good sign for the environment.

So take the good side of this pandemic and stay safe. Soon we will get the chance to explore the world again as before.    

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