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Beautiful Peru

Peru is a beautiful megadiverse country in western South America. Because of Peru’s greater climate range and diversity of life species found all around the country, it is named as a megadiverse country. As the northern tip of Peru is very close to The Equator, the country gets its tropical properties. Iquitos, the entrance of northern Amazon is situated 600 miles (965km) northeast of Lima, the capital of Peru. Peru means land of abundance, that is derived from Quechua Indian language and Peru is known as the home of potatoes with around 4000 varieties of potatoes in different types of shapes, sizes, colours and tastes. Also, Peru is the 19th largest country in the world and it is the 3rd the largest country in South America covering 1.28 million square kilometres. In Peru there are Europeans, Asians, Amerindians and Africans live in harmony with their different types of cultural behaviours. Their main language is Spanish, though most of the Peruvians speak Quechua.

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Peru has one of the longest histories of inhabitance of any country in the world and there is evidence of Norte Chico civilization in 3500 BC, the oldest complex civilization in America and even to the Inca Empire that is back to 4th millennia BCE. The oldest human settle found in Peru was dated up to 12, 500 BC in the Huaca Prieta settlement. They followed the Andean system mainly based on agriculture using irrigational and terracing techniques and also fisheries.   

Machu Picchu

Machu picchu,peru,South america,travel
Machu Picchu
machu picchu,peru,south america,travel
Machu Picchu

If you are hoping to visit Peru, these are the best places that one can visit. Machu Picchu is considered as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and this significant site probably the reason that attracts tourists to Peru. This World Heritage is situated on the top of a mountain peak in the Andes, above the Urubamba River Valley. The findings from Machu Picchu say that it was one of a series of fortified sites and signal towers along the large area of Inca foot highway. These mind-blowing sites were probably built in the 15th or 16th century. There are about 300 Inca houses and 50 or more other buildings. The best way to visit Machu Picchu is via the Inca Rail which runs from Cusco. To get a spectacular view of Machu Picchu you reach here by the Salkantay Trek, the Inca Trail and the Lares Trek and also you can climb Huanya Picchu on the site.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Sacred Valley of the Incas also known as Urubamba Valley is the best place to explore the Inca ruins and enjoy outdoor activities. Before heading to Machu Picchu this is the place to explore. Here the outdoor activities are mountain biking and hiking, horseback riding and rafting can be done with agencies throughout the region. The Salinas de Maras is the place with 3, 000 salt pans that are filled by underground springs. The ancient site of Moray is 3 miles away from here. It is known as an Incan agricultural laboratory. Then the town Ollantaytambo, home to Incan fortress with large stone terraces in the hillsides. All these beautiful sites you can find in this valley.

Cusco is known as the archaeological capital of America and once it is known as the capital of Incan Empire. Cusco is one of the most visited places in Peru and through this city you can easily go to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. The heart of the city is the city square which is surrounded by various cafes and restaurants. Outside the city border, there is an Inca site known as Sacsayhuaman, a huge walled complex made by large limestone boulders.


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Lima, Peru

Lima is the largest city and the capital of Peru with about 9 million people. You can find various types of architectural buildings from modern ones to very old ones in this city. As Lima is situated close to the sea, this is the best destination for seafood lovers and also this is the best place to taste the unique Peru flavoured foods.



Huacachina is a magical place that we can visit in Peru. In movies, we have seen a greener place with a beautify lake nowhere in the middle of a dessert. This is that place situated near the city of Ica. You can have a boat ride in the lake but the most exciting thing in Huacachina is the sandboarding in the huge sand dunes. This is one of the best experiences you should not miss during your visit to Peru.

Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is the third most visited destination in Peru. This canyon of the Colca River is known as one of the deepest canyons in the world and it is approximately 3, 200 meters deep. And also it is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in America. Cruz del Condor viewpoint is the best place to have a great view of the Colca Canyon and witness the Andean Condors. The Colca valley is a very colourful place with the roots of pre-Inca and the people who live in this valley also tends to continue their ancestral behaviours.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is known as the largest lake in South America. While travelling to Cusco to Puno from the train, the surrounding from rural Peru to the bank of Lake Titicaca is mind-blowing. Puno is a small town and from Puno, we can go and see the floating Uros islands that the Peruvians built their houses in floating reed rafts.

 Boiling River

Did you know there is a boiling river in this world and it is situated in Peru? Isn’t it exciting? This river is known as the Shanay-Timpishka and also La Bomba, ‘boiled by the heat of the sun’. This river is 6.4 km long and it is a branch of Amazon River. You can find this river in Mayantuyacu sanctuary deep down the Amazon jungle. The water in this river is hot enough to kill you and its temperature is between 45ºC to 100ºC. But the beauty of this river and its surrounding definitely give you Goosebumps.         



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